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The solution for the packaging of different products in multipack shrink film. Replacing the expensive carton box.

Complete lines with all systems required for packaging and collection of food multipack.

The flexibility of the feeder allows you to process the products of different sizes with a good result and high speed.

All types of envelopes containing frozen products and fresh products. The envelopes-bags can contain a food or not-food products. All these products can be collected, stacked and shrink wrapped.

Multipack wrapped in shrink polyolefin or polyethylene shrink whit energy consumption saving, material cost and less maintenance.

Infinite modularity and composition of the line.
Pareferred Packaging is specialized in the study of plants complete with loading systems and automatic grouping for packaging multipacks.

Linea-multipack interaFeeding and alligning automatic system. High speedFlexible stacker and collecting unit to create multipack.L sealer and side sealing packaging machine for a total closure of the multipack. This packaging allows to replace the expensive carton box. Low absorption for energy saving_BAT6550altri_surgelatiriso3310Riso_Originario_smallSNACK_PAFF_Prosc_bustaspatzle-agli-spinaci-bio-confezione-da-gr-350-