Solution for the packaging of many different food bakery products.

Complete lines with all systems required for packaging bakery products, fresh and frozen pizzas.

Complete packaging line with diverter, system to divide the pizza from its disk, cooling and refreshing conveyor packaging machine in protected atmosphere.

pizza, bread, sandwiches fresh or frozen with shrink film and non-film printed or neutral, in a modified atmosphere MAP with barrier film.

Complete packaging lines with diverter, system to divide the pizza from it’s disk, cooling and packaging. In the same wrapping machine it’s possible to pack both frozen products, with a simple polyolefin shrinkable film; and fresh products closing and sealing them with barrier films also in modified atmosphere. The packaging can be personalized using a pre printed film.

Infinite modularity and composition of the machine
Preferred Packaging is specialized in studying and projection complete plants for pizza and bakery product packaging personalized for each customer’s different factory configuration and output need.

pizza_closed_interaDish and pizza division. Diverter in to one line onlyMAP system for gas injectionSide sealing packaging machine 3 belts: film saving and versatility. Possibility to use polyolefin, BOPP, polypropylene, PE a barrier filmPizza shrinking wrapping with polyolefin film or bag only in  polypropylene film pre-printed or neutralpane_10 IMG00254-20120404-1534 ATM.MOD.PIZZE 004 10072012092 165-235-thickbox 005