Complete lines with all systems required for vacuum packaging with vacuum chamber in line.

High versatility of the machine allows to pack in vacuum different products, sizes in automatic using roll of film in line.

Automatic packaging vacuum machine working with flat or center fold roll of film. Innovation consist in using film roll instead of premade bags. More versatility in chang
e of format and 40% of saving in the film cost. The only available machine able tho work in automatic in line with film roll and create a vacuum pack. Multiformat machine without rigid conformer, without premade bags.

Food and non food products in vacuum packs: cheese in big and smaller pieces, meat, ham and salami, pizza and many other different products. Different configurations are available for different products sizes and speed.

Center level structure that allows an easy clearing and accessibility of the machine, perfect in the Food Industry. Can be combined with a canter level shrink tunnel with opening chamber and canter level additional in feed belt. Packaging painted line, not stainless steel, for non-food products available.

sottovuoto interaDifferent sizes of vacuum chamber available depending on the products sizes. Different configurations with 2/3/4 chambers for higher speed or vacuum.Movable vacuum chamber on the conveyor in line with the side sealing box motion machine.Film inverting head for center folder or flat film machine works in line with film roll. Easy change of format. No pre made - bags. High versatility and film cost's saving.Intralox conveyor belts or flat easy disassemble conveyor (depending on the products type) perfect for the clearing.Hot air or water, in line shrinking tunnels available, but not essential.005136(psd)Affettati scontornati(psd)confezioneprosciutto(psd9Formaggi scontornati(psd9pizza_3 copia copia(psd9speck(psd9Vacuum-Pouches